Likely Costs In Selling Your Business (Subject to VAT)

NOTE: We reserve the right to decline to accept any listing at our discretion without explanation.

'Business For Sale' Listing On Our Website

A single listing on this website is Euro €65 or Stg £50 for three months.…read more

This is payable in advance

'Business For Sale' Agency Agreement

We will review your business with you at no cost to you and provide you with a quotation. You can then decide whether you wish to engage usread more

Our professional fees are amongst the most reasonable in the business.

Other Professional Fees

You may need to incur other professional fees - such as those for a Solicitor or Auctioneer for example…read more

Depending on the nature of the assets being sold it may be necessary for you to engage the services of a Solicitor, Auctioneer, Accountant or other professional to represent your interests. You make your own arrangements to pay their costs which are entirely separate from our fees.

Additional Advertising and Promotional Costs

You may decide to place suitable advertisements or noticesread more

We are very happy to find out what these cost and you can then decide if you wish to incur this additional expenditure.

Taxation and Transaction Costs

You may need to make provision for payment of taxation or other transaction costsread more

Depending on the nature of the business assets being sold a liability to taxation or transaction costs or both may arise. Other unanticipated costs may also arise. It is wise to get independent advice on such matters from your Tax Advisor for example.

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