Information You Need to Provide to Sell Your Business

Business Figures

A Profit & Loss Statement for the last financial year is essential. Most recent statements such as interim Profit & Loss or monthly year to date figures would be useful.…read more

Banks invariably ask for 3 years of Accountants figures when assessing buyers for finance.

Monthly sales over a year and yearly sales over a period of time assist in evaluating patterns and trends.

Inventory of Plant & Equipment

Preparing an inventory takes time but is needed from the outset. Buyers need to know what is included in the sale…read more

When an offer is ready to be made we don’t lose crucial time and possibly the sale by waiting for an inventory. Depreciation schedules normally aren’t enough for use when writing contracts, but are important to have for the Written Down Values of Plant & Equipment.

Lease Details

We require a full copy of your current lease and any amendments. Although the lease is perused by the buyers solicitor, …read more

we also like to review prior to marketing to identify and problems that may arise.

Business Profile Information

In order to prepare a profile that will showcase your business to qualified buyers we will need to collect more detailed information from you…read more

Your broker will ask for information including staffing, marketing, premises and location descriptions etc.

Agency Agreement

Before we can offer your business for sale, we need to obtain a signed ‘Authority to Sell’ from you…read more

This document confirms details such as listing type, our fees, your marketing program and can even include prospective buyer information.

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